Pollution levels are climbing again on Wednesday afternoon here on the south coast. The haze is strong with this one. And it's carrying particulate matter with it. Instantaneous PM2.5 has now exceeded 80μg/m³, easily into the DAQI's worst "very high" range, index 10, which kicks in at 71μg/m³.

If we were not in lockdown already people should be staying indoors and limiting outdoor activity.

PM2.5 rising to "very high" levels, above 80μg/m³

These very high readings are not limited to my sensor. Looking at Luftdaten.info it is clear that sensors are reporting very high levels of pollution across Eastbourne right now.

Luftdaten.info map showing elevated PM2.5 sensor readings across Eastbourne

* Title photograph: Super pink moon rising 8 April 2020. Taken from Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne.