Storm Ciara incoming

With clear blue skies, and a sense of calm it was hard to believe that storm Ciara would be well and truly here by Sunday morning.

Storm Ciara incoming

Storm Ciara is apparently on its way to Eastbourne, so some of this afternoon (Saturday) was spent securing the garden against 70mph winds. With clear blue skies, and a sense of calm it was hard to believe that the storm would be well and truly here by (Sunday) morning. The Met Office is deadly serious about this one though, so we are prepared and ready to see what happens. Getting in to town for church tomorrow morning could be interesting (church is always interesting - the journey less so).

You can keep and eye on Ciara weather data live on my weather page. No need to keep refreshing the page, the graphs load live data automatically.

Along with securing the garden, and the rest of Sovereign Harbour, against flying plastic sit-on cars, footballs, and medium-sized rodents, I noticed that the weather station was wrongly oriented on its pole. The consequence is that for the past while readings will have been off by 30° counter-clockwise, ie. if the wind was from 270° then it will have been reported as 240°. It is unclear to me how long this has been going on. It may have been since the installation of the new weather station hardware, but I find that unlikely - I know which direction north is and I do visually check the weather station regularly, so I would notice an error. I think it is possible that the weather station has been misaligned for up to a month, possibly two, but no more than that.

Stay safe during the storm tonight and tomorrow, and see you on the other side.