Air quality levels remain good in Eastbourne as Christmas approaches. This is boring but brilliant news for local residents. According to my sensor we had a brief spike in PM2.5 at the start of December (max 61.2μg/m³) but the maximum 24h-average figure for the month so far is 31.1μg/m³, which is within the DAQI "Low" range. The overall average for the month so far is 8.8μg/m³.

We have had plenty of rain, just under 105mm for the month so far, and that may have been a factor in keeping the air clear. The factor that historically has been most significant, though, is the wind direction. This month the wind has predominantly been out of the west and north west.  This means that we have avoided air that has come via a large pollution source (e.g. London - north, Paris - south, continental ports and industry - east).

Forecasts for the rest of the month do include winds from the south, notably on Boxing Day, and over the weekend, so watch this space for some final PM spikes of the decade. MetClim have not updated their surface PM10 forecast since 16 Dec, so I cannot offer more informed speculation.

Thanks for reading, and happy Christmas!