For the last 24 hours or so there has been another episode of the long running harbour honk scenario. Emissions from the Eastbourne Wastewater Treatment Works have been troubling residents in the Sovereign Harbour and Langley Point areas of Eastbourne. There is nothing on the Southern Water Incident Map currently.

The fumes have been noticeable because of the southerly wind that has been blowing during most of that time. However, one does wonder whether the fumes, if they are so strong, should be allowed to be emitted in the first place.

Typically there are episodes of fume emissions during the summer months when the plant is struggling to keep temperatures below certain thresholds on hot summer days, but we have not had one of those days for a little while now, indeed, temperatures got down to zero degrees earlier in the week, so over-heating is unlikely to be the source of the problem.

During this period of heightened honk there has also been a rise in atmospheric particulate matter pollution, however I think this pollution can be attributed to continental pollution, eg. from Paris, rather than from the waste water works itself, although there may be a link there. The fumes smell like the results of excretion rather than combustion so they would not necessarily be picked up by a PM sensor.