Air quality in Eastbourne over the summer looks like it was generally very good, apart from the Lydd Ranges fire incident back on 24 July, and the bank holiday pollution bump on 26 August.

Autumn is setting in now though, and so, based on last year's graphs, I would expect particulate matter pollution levels to begin increasing again. PM2.5 levels in Eastbourne for the year to 2019-10-12

This year I will be looking out for likely sources of pollution. Last year there seemed to be some from local sources, in particular bumps due to wood burners and central heating systems during especially cold snaps; but the biggest influencer appeared to be wind direction: northerly winds brought pollution from London, while southerly winds brought pollution from Paris.

Pollution from London and Paris appeared to be overwhelmingly the largest contributors to atmospheric particulate matter levels in Eastbourne last year, and I will be looking for that again this winter.

In the meantime there is plenty of other human-environment stuff to observe. Witness the (well ventilated) bulldozer in the header image to this post as soft sea defences around the harbour are being repaired after high tides and strong winds earlier on in the week.