Bank holiday bump

Bank holiday bump

It's been a brilliant bank holiday weather-wise with highs of 28°C and calm seas making for perfect sunbathing conditions on the beach, and thousands of people having been making the most of the opportunity.

Of course, I've been interested to keep an eye on the air quality, and there has been a significant bump up to the high end of the DAQI moderate range (PM2.5 hit 50μg/m³ briefly). Levels have been raised across the long weekend since Friday.

PM2.5 levels over the August bank holiday weekend 2019, Eastbourne, UK

Pollution source? I'm not sure. Winds have been out of the south, and the MetClim forecast for PM10 seems to indicate a plume from Paris may be to blame.

Update Tues 27 Aug 2019:
Levels have wiggled about a bit, but on Tuesday PM2.5 peaked at just under 70μg/m³.
PM2.5 levels for 24 hours to approx 2000 BST on 27 Aug 2019