In rocketry there is a point during the powered ascent referred to as Max-Q, the point of maximum aerodynamic pressure on the vehicle, it is normally the point at which the vehicle is most stressed.

I don't know whether anyone has observed a correlation between human stress and atmospheric pressure, an atmospheric high is normally associated with more settled weather, so perhaps we might expect the result to be an increased experience of calmness? Regardless, we just passed through a point of maximum pressure this week. Pressure peaked at 1042hPa on Monday morning, following which we have had a gradual drop down to 1007hPa on Saturday morning.

According to my records we normally only tip above 1040hPa once a year, with some years failing to get that high at all (2017, 2014, 2013, and 2012). Monday marked the second time this year, and therefore the second time in 5 months, that this has happened.