Eastbourne today experienced what was most likely a mild sea fret. It was not a thick fog, we could still see the pier from the harbour, but it was sufficient to keep temperatures below what the rest of Sussex was enjoying, with the maximum temperature reaching only a relatively cool 17.8°C compared to comfortably over 20 degrees for areas further inland.

The slow moving air brought with it a hidden hazard, with increased PM2.5 and PM10. Levels peaked at around noon, although they have been rising since 1900hrs again.
PM2.5 levels at Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne for 24hrs to 2100hrs on 22/4/19

24hr average levels stayed in the DAQI "Moderate" range (36-53 ug/m³) but as you can see from the graph above, from 1200 until 1700 BST instantaneous levels were well above that in the "High" range.

Winds, such as they were, were out of the east today, which matches MetClim's model of polluted air crossing the channel from Belgium and Norther France gradually clearing through the day as it blew along the coast. Rather ominously the model predicts a whole bunch more particulate matter air pollution will be heading our way in the next few days