Yesterday's readings show PM2.5 at 40ug/m³ during the morning, rising steadily through the afternoon and evening to 80ug/m³ by 2200hrs where it stayed mostly until a huge spike up to 168ug/m³ at about 0515hrs this morning. Since then levels have dropped right off to below 15ug/m³, the lowest in six days. PM2.5 Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne 24h to 28 Feb 2019
PM10 levels showed the same timings, although the exact shape of the graph is different due to different sources and behaviour of that pollution type. PM10 Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne 24h to 28 Feb 2019
Again it looks like this was predicted on MetClim's pollution forecast page. Here's their PM10 prediction. MetClim PM10 forecast (source: Note the tail of pollution from Paris touching the south coast of England early on 27 Feb before it appears winds from the south and east increase and start to sweep a lot of pollution away. That means we breathe easier in Eastbourne, but it means bad news for someone else somewhere else. Germany, Austria, and Poland look like they will be bearing the brunt for the next 24-36 hours.
You can see the weather change on my weather station results from the week below. Note how the average wind speed really picks up in the early hours of Thursday morning on the right of the graph. Wind speed and direction for Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne 7 days ending 27 Feb 2017

PS. Update at 1930hrs: The drizzle at various points today has helped with reducing particulate matter as per the above forecast too.