Since the installation of the new weather station from Clas Ohlson back in September 2018 it has seemed to me that the reported wind speeds have been low. I have not made a note of the occasions when it has happened, but the the forecast wind speed and the measured wind speed have often been very different, with the measured value being lower each time.

Looking at the graph for 2018, however, it is clear that the winds recorded at the end of the year were higher than during middle parts of the year - this fits with my recollections. I seem to recall, though, that the winds were much stronger at the end of the year than they were at its start, and this is not reflected on the graph. At best they look about the same, and I think closer inspection reveals that the readings at the start of the year were consistently higher on average and in peak values.

I wonder if the anemometer supplied with this weather station kit is perhaps not running as freely as it should and therefore not recording the strongest average speeds or gusts. Unfortunately all my other anemometers from previous kits have suffered catastrophic damage and so I have no spares with which to compare the current instrument. This remains something to bear in mind in case an opportunity presents itself for calibration or direct comparison.

In the meantime, don't use the wind speed measurements for anything serious! In any case they are indicative only, and no guarantee as to their completeness or accuracy is offered or implied whatsover.