Chicken dinner

We have a winner in the low cost solution to the broken weather station problem.

The weather station has until now used parts from Maplin, in fact the original station was first bought from Maplin - their N96GY product. It was well supported by them, with very well priced spares available with quick delivery times. I was impressed with their customer service when I had cause to be in touch with them.

Maplin sadly went into administration earlier this year, which has made the hunt for spares a challenge. The best price I could find for a compatible anemometer was 4 times what Maplin used to charge. Daylight robbery. Even places like AliExpress and eBay let me down, their delivery charges were punitive.

And then I came across Clas Ohlson who are selling a very similar weather station on offer until 15 October), and it seems to make sense to buy that and use the unbroken parts of my old station as spares. I have checked that the unit (the manual says it is a WH-1080, which is another Fine Offset product) is supported by pywws: affirmative. So ordered, and I await delivery...

Apparently it has a receiver for the radio clock. I wonder if that can be used as an alternative time source for OpenNTP or Chrony?