So the last week has seen a marked change in the weather. Much cooler than earlier in the summer, more wind, more rain, and cleaner air, probably as a result.

The wind has also kept the air clear of diesel fumes from aircraft performing at Airbourne this weekend. In previous years the diesel-like smell has been very noticeable for the short period of the displays and I was wondering whether the SDS011 or MQ135 would pick up the aerosolised diesel - either as PM10/PM2.5 or as a benzene containing substance respectively - but nothing has shown. This afternoon's flying (Sunday) was mostly cancelled due to low cloud and the threat of rain so we will need to wait until next year for the next chance.

More consistent graphing over longer periods of time are hopefully forthcoming from the SDS011 soon, which will allow easier comparison of weather and air quality data. I am also planning to shift weather and air quality data onto the same graph system (or at the very least the same scale for time).