Collision with low-flying, high-speed football

At approximately 1745 BST on 28 September the weather station was involved in a high-speed collision with a football.

All of the velocity was associated with the football up to the moment of impact, but bits of the weather station went flying immediately afterwards. The anemometer was broken (again), the rain gauge was detached from its arm, the arm itself was was snapped and the post on which the instruments are mounted was knocked off vertical. The football remains unscathed.

Repairs (involving screws, super glue, duct tape, and cable ties) were completed on 24 October and the weather station was connected back up fully on 29 October shortly before 1700 GMT. Given the extended outage it will take 24 hours or so for the graphs to start generating properly again, but data is being collected and the text summaries are available right now. A close eye is being maintained on the football propulsion unit.